Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was going to stay out of the political arena, at least in my blog.

I am not a political activist. I am registered to vote, but can not even tell you with which party. I am more of a vote for the best person sort of girl. Now I realize, my version of the best person and your version of the best person our different depending on our views of the world, lifestyles, religion, and needs.


Everyone is different and that is what makes life fun, interesting, profitable and continuing. Unfortunately, it is what also makes us intolerable, annoying and biased.

At this point, you are asking yourself what the pictures of my babies have to do with this post? Other than the fact that I love to take and share pictures of my children; They are my requirement for the best person! Without them, I would not feel as strongly as I do about some things. Without them, I would see the world differently. Not better or worse. JUST. DIFFERENT. Without them, I would not be as affected by things that happen. Without them, I would never get to see TRUE love.

On 9-11 I was a parent-in-waiting. My son would be born exactly 2 weeks later. I went to the Dr. on the morning of 9-11 and had my cerglage removed. I very easily could have gone into labor at that moment and had Bug on 9-11. THANK GOD I DID NOT! I am actually happy that I was on bed rest and forced to watch the pictures, video's, tears, devastation, love, and humanity this country showed. Had I been at work, a teacher then, I would have not been able to watch all the countless hours of suffering and compassion this country showed.

In an I.N.S.T.A.N.T. we went from SELFISH to SELFLESS. Our own needs, primary at best. Each others needs, mandatory to be meet. It doesn't matter who you are, they color of your skin, the balance in your checkbook, the church you attend or the songs you listen too, YOU DID SOMETHING. Whether you mourned, gave blood, cried, went to the scene's, hugged your family, said a prayer, helped a neighbor or victim. WE. ALL. CARED. We cared about each other, in a way we have not before or since. After the 1st anniversary of 9-11, the world began (slowly at 1st) to go back to ourselves. It is very easy to do and honestly, we are all guilty. 7 years later, many it seems only remember 9-11 much in the way we remember Pearl Harbor. It happened. Regardless of how you remember it, if you are reading this, it affected you! Try if you want to forget that or embrace it wholly, it shaped you!!!!

So, the only thing I ask, the reason for this post - vote today like you felt on 9-11. Vote for who you think the best person is, for you, your family and America. Love and care like you did when you went from SELFISH to SELFLESS!!! Love like children!!!!


WhitneyWagger said...

Wow! I came across your blog regarding 9/11 and voting by chance. You see, I'm a brand new blogger just poking around to see what others write. This piece was awesome and touching. Your final paragraph was a perfect ending to a very personal thought. I enjoyed it and realize I'm not worthy of being blogger. But I'll muddle through and visit periodically to regain some inspiration.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and talent.

Vicki said...

Great thoughts! It's a shame that it takes such a tragedy to turn our nation around, and even then for only a short period of time.

Thanks for submitting your post!