Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She's gone.......

There she goes. She is so ready for today. She has been since birth I think. In her desire to catch up to her older brother, she begged, pleaded, whined and prayed that this day would come.
It is here and she didn't even look back. Not that I really expected her too.
She has never been a clingy child, her personality far too outgoing and exuberant for that. She allows me to cook and do her laundry for her, but other than that, she doesn't need me. I.CAN.DO.IT.MYSELF! Has become her motto!!! I am happy for this, the big girl that she is. BUT.IT.BREAKS.MY.HEART! In only a way another mother can understand. You know their job is to grow and your job is to guide them. You know you have to let go, even at 3, for it starts at birth when they come screaming into the world as she did. But, letting them go to school, without you when you have been their world for so many years is one of the hardest letting go's. Yes, I still got teary eyed seeing her older brother off to 1st grade this year, but nothing I think compares to letting go for the 1st time. I know she will have fun. She will have fun in everything she does in life. She will make friends, learn, and love. She will be the class clown. She will be wonderful. AND, when I make it through today, this week. I will be fine and wonderful too and will come to enjoy my time with just me and the twins. But for today, this 1st week, I will be sad to see my baby, err.... big girl go to school! Even if it is only 3 mornings a week and the best preschool in the world and she has a dear friend of mine, a wonderful person, as a teacher. In the meantime, mommy is off to get another tissue (sniff, sniff)

P.S. Her older brother and daddy really helped me feel better when daddy said "Just think, soon it will be the twins" and brother responded with "And then you will have no one"! Thanks guys, way to help out!!!!

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