Friday, September 12, 2008

I wanna

be like you... The other blogging moms!

I want designated blog days!

I want to do it all and still seemingly love to blog!

I want readers!

I want to be funny and creative, fulfilling and cute!

BUT (dumh, dumh, dumh) . . .

I don't want to be a copy cat!

I don't want to dread designated days!

I don't want to disappoint when you realize I can't and sometimes don't love to do it all!

I don't want crazy/weird people readers!

I don't want to be predictable and boring, pragmatic and basic.

HOWEVER (again, dumh, dumh, dumh) . . .

I am going to try to be unique!

I am going to try designated days!

I am going to try to do it all and love it!

I am going to try not to attract weird people, because I have enough of them in my life!

I am going to try to be more creative and cute!

AND (enough already) . . .

I will be different in my own right!

I will have designated days!

I will not stick to my routine always, I will probably deviate from it more than stick to it!

I will love it!

I will attract weird people because I attract them in real life!

I will be pragmatic, boring, funny and fulfilling!

Sink or swim? Fly or fall? Can I do it? Stick with me to find out!!!

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