Monday, January 5, 2009

9 things

Seven. Starring Me.

Nine Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:
1. Hot air balloon, despite my fear.
2. Have a book (or 2 or 3) published.
3. Visit Ireland, for a long time.
4. Get a tattoo, you will have to ask to find out of what.
5. Live in NC.
6. Swim with dolphins.
7. Own and relearn to play the piano.
8. Spend a week at Disney World
9. Be debt free

Nine Things I CAN Do:
1. Laugh at myself and others.
2. Make up my own songs.
3. Run the batteries dead on any phone you give me.
4. Cook a mean fried catfish.
5. Be overly dramatic and long winded in my story telling.
6. Bake an awesome zucchini bread.
7. Say "I'm sorry."
8. Read a book in a day.
9. Tune out my children crying because they don't want to nap.

Nine Things I CANNOT Do:
1. Always know when I've hurt someones feelings.
2. Read music.
3. Stand lying
4. Juggle.
5. Remember everything I want to do in a day without writing it down.
6. Help everyone I want to help.
7. Eat just 1 Dorito.
8. Understand mean people.
9. Ride a roller coaster (even a kiddie one) without screaming.

Nine Things That Attract Me To My Spouse:
1. His lights-up-the-entire-room smile.
2. His hands and arms.
3. The way he looks in a suit.
4. His laugh when he is watching Seinfeld
5. Watching him work.
6. His ability to build/fix almost anything.
7. Watching him play with our children.
8. His openness (although I have a love/hate relationship with this aspect:)
9. His ability to make me laugh.

Nine Things I Say Most Often:
1.I love you
2. Adam Joseph!
3. Katherine Jean!
4. Rebecca Ann!
5. Jason Michael!
6. Stop that
7. Oh for the love of...
8. Hey hun...
9. If you do XXX again I will get the spanking stick

Nine Favorite Celebrities
1. My husband, youtube, you will see!!!
2. Jack Bauer
3. Keifer Sutherland
4. Dennis Haysbert
5. Wentworth Miller
6. Julia Roberts
7. Juliette Lewis
8. Adam Sandler
9. Kate Hudson

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LovingLegacy said...

love this post! and well, WEEEEELLL, what tattoo? WHERE?