Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year...funchaos style

Yea, I know, I know. Officially, the new year started 5 days ago. But you know us, we are nothing if not consistent. Being that we are always late (playdates, church, dinner, anywhere more than 3 of us are going) I planned to start my new year blog late. We are fashionable. At least in our tardiness.

Why did I pick today?

Some of you might think it is because this is the 1st chance I have had to blog.

Some of you are right.

This is the start of my new year and the 1st chance I have had to blog because I finally finished my to-do list from last year!

Now, if you saw the list you might be proud of me for only going over time and budget (I will save this post for another day check back around feb 2) by 5 days.

I have a post I want to write about blessings but it doesn't fit into my original plan for the start of this year. Imagine that!!! So, I am going to make this post a little longer and add it here, so I can deservingly recognize and thank Him and still follow my plan (there is a lesson to be had here I think)

I am continually amazed at my maker. I am not sure I will ever get use to his provisions and fulfilling promises. I get prayers answered in the smallest of ways, but they delight me and make me thank him all the same. Every time I find that I am in a position to give to others, even if only $5, it really does come back to me 10 fold. For the record, this delights me not because I am getting freebies (although with twins in diapers, um yea, I do love when the diaper fairy visits, I'm not gonna lie), but because I get to see my maker at work and it doesn't get better than that!!! Thank you Lord, you are good!!!

Now, my goal for 2009, or at least for the next couple blog entries is to just let you into my world q&a style. Yep, I am going to share some of those annoying about me surveys.

Hey, I think I am cool and I just wanna share :) Enjoy!

P.S. the word of the year, is kindness (another blog entry for a later date)

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