Saturday, January 10, 2009

Redbook got me thinking...

There was an article today in the Redbook magazine that I was reading at the gym, hey anything to get me away from thinking about the torture that I am enduring... but I digress... Now I can not tell you what the article was about. I.DON'T.HAVE.A.CLUE. but the following phrase caught my attention

"Write down 3 traits you like most about yourself and but them in your wallet, so if you are having a bad day, you can have a quick, pick me up"

This got me to thinking (again, taking my mind off the torture). What would I, ME, TRACY, write about MYSELF!

{{{{{{{{ LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Now, this is not self depreciating in the sense that I want you complimentary comments. SO.NOT.THE.PURPOSE.OF.TODAYS.BLOG. While I love your compliments normally and flattery will get you everywhere, don't patronize me today by complimenting me}}}}}}}}

What 3 traits would I write about myself. I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to come up with an answer.

#1. My eyes. The color and the feelings that they convey.
#2. My

Wow! I am stuck at #1. Is that suppose to happen? Darn.

Would it be easier to write what I won't put and why? Hmmmmmmmmm....

#1. My body... do I really need to say why?
#2. My kindness, in I would give you the shirt of my back, except see #1. I am not so much in the position anyone wants to see the shirt off my back.
#3. My patience...I pray nightly for more...with 4 kids can I ever have enough?
#4. My not sharing everything still considered being honest?
#5. My ability to forgive...did I mention that I can/will/do hold a grudge?
#6. My fairness...yea, right. I will admit is, I judge, myself, others, people I have no right to (Hey, I am not perfect, I pray nightly for my shortcomings, I am working on them)
#7. My sense of humor...ummm, yea sometimes you don't want to know what weird things I find funny!
#8 My ability to sing...Even the church would ask me not to sing but rather hum!
#9. My unwavering belief in what can not be seen..except, I question UFO's, unicorn's and the goodness of anything that smells bad.
#10. My ability to love...that is what got me in trouble with food, debt and 4 kids, oops, sorry this is a family blog, right.

Seems, I am not doing much in the area of pick me up....

Then I went back and looked at my list, picking apart each one individually and here is what I came up with.

#1. My eyes, because yes, I do like them, thanks for asking! As for the rest of my body, the parts I don't like. I have made peace with them. There are 4 reason's they are that way. Adam, Katie, Becca and Jason. You have done indescribable things to my body but even more to my heart, so thank you!
#2. My kindness. Hey it may not be pretty, but really, if you need my shirt, it is yours! Just close your eyes!
#3. My patience. I am not Job. I do pray for more...but I do have more than a lot of people I know.
#4. My honesty, I have learned when to share and when to hold back. I have also learned that being honest does not always mean not lying, sometimes it means telling you what you need/want to hear. Sometimes it means protecting your feelings and heart.
#5. My ability to forgive. I can/do forgive. In.My.Own.Time. Some things in life are better not rushed. Cookies, pregnancy and forgiveness.
#6. My fairness. Being fair doesn't mean giving/treating everyone the exact same. It means treating everyone the way they personally deserve to be treated. Treating everyone with the love and respect that is unique to them.
#7. My sense of humor. I can laugh at myself, you, my kids. Even more, I can make you laugh. It may not always be appropriate. Often I speak before I think and this my friends is just least to me.
#8. My ability to sing. I am so good that even the local dogs join in! Hey, my kids love it!!!!!!
#9. My unwavering belief in what can not be seen, hey, I don't know everything, only He does and at least the smell lets me know that a diaper change is needed!
#10. Lastly, my ability to love...deeply. For better or worse, if you are invited in, you are here to stay.

So, I guess Redbook was good for something, other than keeping me from focusing on the torture occurring! It made me realize that I may not be the best person on the earth, but I can admit my faults, I aim to improve them, can laugh while doing so and I am definitely not the worst!!!! And, while I am TOTALLY IMPERFECT, I actually do like me even though I can not count!!!!

What would Redbook tell you about yourself?

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