Sunday, January 11, 2009



I AM ...thinking that it is getting late, 24 rocked and I really should get to bed.
I WANT... it to warm up because now that I have decided to get a tattoo, I wanna do it now!
I HAVE ... hoped that ex-boyriends have facebooked or myspaced me and wished they hadn't let me go, yep, sure have!
I WISH I COULD ... be as brave as my kids think I am.
I HATE ... sweeping the kitchen floor, pea's, pettiness and my nose.
I FEAR ... roller coasters, big ones. TERRIBLY.
I HEAR ... the giggling and loudness of my kids and love it.
I SEARCH ... for long adjectives, big words, my pre-mommy brain and body while still being a mommy.
I DON'T THINK ... sometimes I just don't.
I REGRET ... nothing, for everything got me to where I am.
I LOVE ... my life, really, in spite of the improvements I want, it is an awesome place to be.
I ACHE FOR ... for everyone I know to have the relationship I do with my FATHER.
I ALWAYS CRY ... the week before, over stupid things.
I AM NOT ... weak. At all.
I DANCE ... for my be feel better...with no one watching.
I SING ... horribly, but I love to.
I NEVER ... go a day without worrying or obsessing about something. Not ever. Not a day. Although I REALLY want to.
I RARELY ... am on time. TRULY try to be, but...
I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... video's of my children's birth, and at least 2 ER's a season.
I AM NOT ALWAYS ... awake.
I HATE THAT ... I never have enough to give to whatever cause I want.
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT ... the purpose of roaches, the scent that comes from my children and yo gabba gabba.
I NEED ... to color more.
I SHOULD ... find a way to do less laundry.


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Teri said...

You have been a busy blogger since the 5th my friend! Nice job. I always enjoy the time I get to read your blogs and take a moment to reflect on my own life and how lucky I am. thanks for making me be still and quiet for a moment. You know that is quite a feat. So, kudos to you girl!