Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tagged, thanks angela


For the record, I love being loved!!!

I also love comments, but I get very few of those. (I try not to take it personal)

BUT...I have been shown some love today.

I have been tagged. No, not by Jason's sticky hands or Adam's school yard game.

I have been tagged by fellow blogger, 4h-er, church goer and friend, Angela. Angela has tagged me to provide you guys with a picture. My instructions were VERY simple. Go to the 4th folder in my pics and pic out the 4th pic. Being that I am a good girl who follows directions and loves to play games, away I went.


Not because I have indecent pictures on my computer. HA! But because, photography is not my forte. I am not bad at it, but it is a good thing I have a digital camera. I am constantly snapping in hopes that the kids will sit still, look at me, smile and well just generally be perfect for a moment so I can capture the moment I wanted it to be.

BUT, in keeping it real, that doesn't happen. So I thank the maker of the DELETE button regularly because only God knows what blurry where's waldo pic you might have gotten.

Here is what you really get

No photoshop needed. A picture in motion and you can see the subjects! Go me!!

This is the part where I am suppose to describe the picture, but really I think it would be more fun to get your take.

Sorry Angela, I said I follow the rules, I didn't say that I wouldn't make it my own a little!

Lastly, I am suppose to tag the person who sent it to me and tag 4 people to send it to, B.U.T. I DON"T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT! HELP! and really if I did I don't think there are 4 people who read my blog that have their own blog that would participate. :( I NEED BLOGGY FRIENDS!!!!

In the meantime, thanks Angela, it was fun!

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LovingLegacy said...

i love the photo! i can describe it - it personifies your family - always on the move, and always seeing the brighter side of life, and always FUN!!! well, hhmmm - when i come up fo rair i'll try to describe how to tag four other people. maybe you just go to their blog and leave a comment and tell them to come here!! love you.